Episode 011


Squeed from mention on Why Knot’s tumblr; comment on DU hockey game; comment on a marriage blog post; Scarlet gets on soap-box about ballot initiative & article on bisexuality; comment on Katie Couric’s interviews on Cannabis legalization in Colorado; talk about Black Sails series on Starz; Marvel Experience road show


Why Knot tumblr

Marriage Isn’t For You

Pre-marriage counseling initiative

Bisexual: Label With Layers

Katie Couric interview with Medicine Man owner

Katie Couric talks more about Cannabis

Cannabis testing

The Marvel Experience

Haven Head (music intro & outro)


Episode 005

Addiction blog project gets put on hold; reaction to Weld County school wanting to arm teachers; case study with Cannabis breathalyzer; Poly’s starting to look “normal”; Doctor Who news tidbits; Ryan gets a little nerd rage about comics reference in Masters of Sex




Poly article


Cannabis breathalyzer


Briggsdale School


Haven Head (intro & outro music)