Episode 32


Say hello & welcome to new listeners/followers; Ryan & Scarlet vent a bit; Scarlet Tries Linux update; more ranting & raving about Doctor Who


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Haven Head (intro & outro music)


Episode 27


Scarlet has good news from doctor; more Linux nerdiness from Ryan; heap bunches of praise to Mythica for Skin Wars; wax poetic on a heart-felt polyamory article; get on a soap-box about color-changing nails from Undercover Colors; talk some Doctor Who Series 8


Polyamory article

Article on Undercover Colors’ nail polish

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The Teachers’ Corner

Awesome Writing Prompts

Writing prompts on Reddit

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Episode 010


News on legal cannabis in Denver; defamation of stoners = defamation of gays?; tips for pot tourists; Carl Hart interview on Democracy Now; Ryan gets a bit awkward about River Song


Pot shops open in Colorado

Push for banking access for pot shops

Pot shops running out of inventory

Personal stories of pot smokers

Interview with Carl Hart

Colorado Green Tours

Colorado High Life Tours

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