Episode 30


Shout-out to Poly In The Cities Podcast; Kotango update; Ryan raves about Forests of Azure; Scarlet Tries Linux update; “More Than Two” Q&A; commentary on a comic on sexism


Poly In The Cities Podcast


Forests of Azure twitter

Forests of Azure homepage

More Than Two

Sexism Comic

Haven Head (intro & outro music)


Episode 29


Scarlet Tries Linux; CA’s “yes means yes” bill; Eve & Franklin Veaux’s resp to Salon.com’s jealousy article; Jefferson County students protest; update on Adam Carolla’s lawsuit


Carry That Weight

California Yes Means Yes

Franklin Veaux & Eve respond to Salon.com’s jealousy article

Jefferson County Protest

EFF’s piece on Carolla’s lawsuit

Carolla talks about the result

Haven Head (intro & outro music)

Episode 019


Scarlet goes blog-crazy; Ryan rants about FCC & net neutrality; RIP Morning Glory Zell-Ravenheart; comment on poly article in student paper; update for Comic-Con plans; nerdgasms over Gotham TV & Game of Thrones


FCC votes against net neutrality

Contact FCC

RIP Morning Glory

Poly article in student newspaper

Haven Head (intro & outro music)