Episode 017



4/20 special of sorts; uncomfortable conversation about grey rape; talk *SPOILERS* about Captain America *SPOILERS*; touch on regulation of cannabis edibles & license plate profiling


The Girl Who Called Grape

Regulating edibles

License plate profiling

Haven Head (intro & outro music)


Episode 016


Talk about recording delays, near car-crashes; great blog about anxiety; disappointed about Bitcoin; overzealous praise for OKCupid; talk cannabis regulation in Colorado; Mayor travels to Amsterdam and Ryan talks about Weed Hotel



Pudd Strikes Back


IRS: Bitcoin no currency

OKCupid calls out Mozilla

MJ regulators: stronger enforcement

Auditing patients & caregivers

Mayor Hancock traveling to Amsterdam

Haven Head (intro & outro music)


Episode 015


Ryan’s struggling through little leisure time; new dating/social networking site for non-monogamous; struggles with being ok with being alone; Cannabis oil & epileptic kids; Cannabis taxes & TABOR in Colorado; Black Sails and True Detective


Kotango – non-monogamy social network

Compersionator – Party of One

Cannabis Oil bill in KY

Cannabis Taxes & TABOR in Colorado

Haven Head (intro & outro music)

Episode 011


Squeed from mention on Why Knot’s tumblr; comment on DU hockey game; comment on a marriage blog post; Scarlet gets on soap-box about ballot initiative & article on bisexuality; comment on Katie Couric’s interviews on Cannabis legalization in Colorado; talk about Black Sails series on Starz; Marvel Experience road show


Why Knot tumblr

Marriage Isn’t For You

Pre-marriage counseling initiative

Bisexual: Label With Layers

Katie Couric interview with Medicine Man owner

Katie Couric talks more about Cannabis

Cannabis testing

The Marvel Experience

Haven Head (music intro & outro)

Episode 010


News on legal cannabis in Denver; defamation of stoners = defamation of gays?; tips for pot tourists; Carl Hart interview on Democracy Now; Ryan gets a bit awkward about River Song


Pot shops open in Colorado

Push for banking access for pot shops

Pot shops running out of inventory

Personal stories of pot smokers

Interview with Carl Hart

Colorado Green Tours

Colorado High Life Tours

Haven Head (intro/outro music)

Episode 008



Arapahoe High School shooting; Sandy Hook; rant about NY attorney calling trans woman “2nd class citizen;” more news on Colorado Cannabis regulation; upset about baker discriminating against gay couple; COGA lawsuit on fracking ban; comment on adding Wonder Woman to Batman vs Superman; get into Doctor Who Classic series


Anti-trans NY attorney

Update on Denver front-porch smoking ban

Small number pot shops opening

Cannabis in Denver info

Cake maker refuses service to gay couple

Haven Head (intro & outro music)