Episode 29


Scarlet Tries Linux; CA’s “yes means yes” bill; Eve & Franklin Veaux’s resp to Salon.com’s jealousy article; Jefferson County students protest; update on Adam Carolla’s lawsuit


Carry That Weight

California Yes Means Yes

Franklin Veaux & Eve respond to Salon.com’s jealousy article

Jefferson County Protest

EFF’s piece on Carolla’s lawsuit

Carolla talks about the result

Haven Head (intro & outro music)


Episode 28


We made it a full year!! Acknowledging new connections from podcasting; Ryan’s neck-deep in Linux; counselor’s tale on experience with poly family; wrap-up with two stories about comics


Counselor’s poly experience

Wonder Woman’s creator

Finding voice in comics

Center for the Butterfly Within

Haven Head (intro & outro music)

Episode 27


Scarlet has good news from doctor; more Linux nerdiness from Ryan; heap bunches of praise to Mythica for Skin Wars; wax poetic on a heart-felt polyamory article; get on a soap-box about color-changing nails from Undercover Colors; talk some Doctor Who Series 8


Polyamory article

Article on Undercover Colors’ nail polish

Creative Writing Prompts

The Teachers’ Corner

Awesome Writing Prompts

Writing prompts on Reddit

Haven Head (intro & outro music)