Episode 009



Hello & thank you to new subscribers; Scarlet’s new blog; we share a few Christmas stories; Doctor Who Christmas Special; fun trip to Mythbusters exhibit; more Cannabis news; update on Why Knot documentary




Scarlet’s blog

Recreational Cannabis Licenses

Banking with Cannabis shops

Why Knot Documentary


Episode 008



Arapahoe High School shooting; Sandy Hook; rant about NY attorney calling trans woman “2nd class citizen;” more news on Colorado Cannabis regulation; upset about baker discriminating against gay couple; COGA lawsuit on fracking ban; comment on adding Wonder Woman to Batman vs Superman; get into Doctor Who Classic series


Anti-trans NY attorney

Update on Denver front-porch smoking ban

Small number pot shops opening

Cannabis in Denver info

Cake maker refuses service to gay couple

Haven Head (intro & outro music)

Episode 007



We share what we’re thankful for this year; flood-damaged roads fixed; raid on dispensary; recreational MJ license issued; Denver council voting on smoking ban; commentary on polyamory feature on Nightline; Why Knot documentary; push for GMO labels; more Doctor Who talk


Flood-damaged roads

Dispensary raid

First recreational cannabis license

Front porch smoking ban

Polyamory on Nightline

Why Knot

Right to Know Colorado

Doctor Who crash course

Haven Head (intro & outro music)