Episode 004

Introduce new feedback call-in number; more news about SpongeWorke; confessional year-in-review & quirky costume party; Denver Cutthroats’ season opener; final thoughts on Polyamory Married & Dating, and reactions to poly discussion on Loveline; soapbox on Brady Amendment; Human Services gets involved in MMJ patient; hemp harvest in Colorado

Call-in line: 231-846-8420

MJ treatment for 3-year-old son


Brady Amendment

Haven Head


Episode 003

Ryan talks a little hockey, Scarlet has an update

on the addiction blog, bit of cannabis news, Ryan

& Scarlet get on a soap box about Orson Scott

Card, more Batman talk about upcoming Gotham TV

series, reTARDIS about season finale, and shit

gets real about poly.


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Sponge Worke

Orson Scott Card’s op-ed

Orson’s reaction to boycott

Colo cannabis industry investors

Gotham TV show